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  1. Wallace Sword - Sir William Wallace, a Scottish knight and landowner and one of Scotland's outstanding national heroes , had a price placed on his head by the English for killing one of their own. Refusing to accept the treaty signed by the Scottish nobles in 1297 by which Scotland submitted to English rule, he lead the resistance during the war for Scottish independence
  2. In 1644, a sword bearing the description of the Wallace Sword turns up in Wallace Tower at Dumbarton Castle. Erected in 1617, it is not entirely clear why the tower was named after the Scottish folk hero but, at least as late as 1808, the sword was advertised as Wallace's Sword, as evinced by William Wordsworth notes from his visit to the castle
  3. William Wallace, in full Sir William Wallace, (born c. 1270, probably near Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland—died August 23, 1305, London, England), one of Scotland's greatest national heroes, leader of the Scottish resistance forces during the first years of the long and ultimately successful struggle to free Scotland from English rule
  4. William Wallace was a member of the lesser nobility, but little is definitely known of his family history or even his parentage. Blind Harry's late-15th-century poem gives his father as Sir Malcolm of Elderslie; however, William's own seal, found on a letter sent to the Hanse city of Lübeck in 1297, gives his father's name as Alan Wallace. This Alan Wallace may be the same as the one listed.

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The Wallace Sword is an antique two-handed sword purported to have belonged to William Wallace (1270-1305), a Scottish knight who led a resistance to the English occupation of Scotland during the Wars of Scottish Independence.It is said to have been used by William Wallace at the Battle of Stirling in 1297 and the Battle of Falkirk (1298).. The blade of the sword measures 4 feet 4 inches. William Wallace Sword - Wallace Monument Vlog - STIRLING SCOTLAND - Duration: 20:45. MattsRadShow 44,698 views. 20:45. Opening the Medieval Stone Coffin Found at the Richard III Burial Site -. Facts and figures about the William Wallace Sword (1) Though the sword is named after William Wallace, there is a debate about if this sword was actually used by him. (2) As a strange finding, testing conducted at the later stage revealed the fact this sword was made by casting the pieces of various other bladed together It is the classic William Wallace Replica Sword. The sword is 51 plus inches long and comes with an authentic rough leather sheath that includes a strap to fit on your belt. The blade is a polished stainless steel and it is double edged

Reading Time: 6 minutes William Wallace, Scotland's greatest hero, who was gruesomely executed in 1305. If you've heard of him, it's probably thanks to Braveheart.The great 1995 movie that depicted a 'Freedom!' screaming Wallace, torn up by his wife's murder at the hands of the English, and brandishing his ridiculously giant claymore sword to avenge her, as well as obtain freedom. The Wallace Sword. The Wallace Sword is an antique claymore purported to have belonged to William Wallace (1272-1305), a Scottish knight who led a resistance to the English occupation of Scotland during the Wars of Scottish Independence.It is said to have been used by William Wallace at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297 and the Battle of Falkirk (1298)

Wonderful structure containing William Wallace's sword and a great explanation of the Stirling Bridge battle plus great views from the top. And reasonably priced for a family of 4. gbruiz1 - German The Legendary William Wallace 1:1 Braveheart Sword Replica $ 349.00 $ 279.00. This weapon represents the aspirations and the hopes of an entire nation. The replica of the sword carried by William Wallace was made to do justice to this iconic blade that saw the birth of modern Scotland. Today, anyone who holds the same values in their heart can. William Wallace pulls the sword and throws Shaka's dead body aside before giving a loud victory cry. Expert's Opinion Edit What handed Wallace victory was that the majority of his weapons were one hit- one kill especially the Scottish claymore (which could lop off three heads in a single stroke during the testing and which Shaka Zulu's ishlangu. A history of the Wallace Sword Sir Walter Scott described the Wallace Sword as 'Fit for archangel to wield, yet light in his terrible hand'. The size of the sword, at just over 5 foot 4 inches, suggests that Wallace must have been unusually tall and strong. Estimates put him at about 6 foot 6 inches (about 2 metres) tall One of the most recognizable features of the Braveheart film is the sword wielded by William Wallace. Almost a fantasy version of a Scottish claymore, it is utterly unique among both film swords and historically inspired replicas. A long, double edge blade is married to a cruciform hilt and long handle for extra torque when swinging, and a.

If then the Chester sword belongs to the year 1475, Sir Samuel Meyrick approximated nearly to the date of the mountings of the Wallace sword, which occurred just thirty years later. But the Wallace sword was, in 1505, an old blade, which required a new hilt and pommel, a new scabbard and a new belt William Wallace's fourth part The Scottish warrior and hero of a nation was captured by the English and suffered an atrocious death. Taken to London and hanged, drawn and quartered, his head was put up on London Bridge, the four parts of the body taken to four different places of the realm: Berwick, Perth, Newcastle seem certain

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  1. William Wallace too. The original it's supposedly based on can be viewed at the Kelvingrove Museum, with the Wallace sword being housed in the Wallace Monument. Whether it was or not is up to the historians as it's also argued that the Claymore wasn't used until the mid to later 15th century. Having been believed to be inspired by the.
  2. Have you ever seen the movie Braveheart and been completely enthralled with William Wallace of Scottish fame as portrayed by Mel Gibson brandishing his Claymore sword? Wallace was and still is a very fascinating man and a memorable piece of Scotland's history. William Wallace was born somewhere between the years of 1270-1276 based on.
  3. The Wallace Monument is located in Stirling Scotland at the National Wallace Monument. Right next to Stirling University. Scotland Vlog. Wallace Monument Stirling Scotland. William Wallace Sword.
  4. William Wallace en la escena introductoria de Desarrollo y Tecnología. Unidad. William Wallace es una unidad tipo ``Héroe`` tiene la apariencia de un Campeón.El esta disponible en el editor de escenarios, y solo aparece en la ultima misión de su campaña La Batalla de Falkirk.Ya que es una unidad tipo Héroe, no puede ser convertido y puede regenerar vida (desde la expansión de The.
  5. g one of his country's greatest national heroes.When you think of medieval, sword-wielding Scottish heroes, it's most likely to be William Wallace that you're envisioning in your head
  6. There is a famous two-handed sword attributed to Wallace, which is housed at the Wallace monument. There is no real evidence to link this sword with Wallace and the sword in its current state dates from at least 250 years after Wallace. It is possible that part of the sword blade could have been made from an earlier 13th Century sword
  7. The so-called Wallace Sword is actually a type of Scottish sword that dates to the late 16th century. This sword was seen at Dumbarton Castle by the famous poet William Wordsworth and his sister.

A Claymore broadsword such as this was wielded by legendary Scottish hero Sir William Wallace in his battles with the English. This mighty sword offers a 23 1/2 blade is constructed from solid stainless steel with a leather ricasso William Wallace's sword has been moved from a secret location where it has been stored, and reinstalled in its home - the newly refurbished National Wallace Monument. One of Scotland's most treasured national icons, the legendary Wallace Sword, has been reinstalled in its home at The National Wallace Monument following a period in secret. William Wallace war einer der Anführer des Widerstandes gegen Eduard I. von England (Edward Longshanks), der die Oberherrschaft über Schottland beanspruchte und den schottischen König John de Balliol 1296 zur Abdankung gezwungen hatte. Gemeinsam mit Andrew De Moray fügte Wallace am 11. September 1297 in der Schlacht von Stirling Bridge den englischen Truppen unter John de Warenne eine.

William Wallace (Uilleam Uallas en gaélique écossais, William le Waleys en anglo-normand) est un chevalier écossais né vers 1270 et mort le 23 août 1305.Il est l'une des principales figures de la résistance écossaise contre l'Angleterre durant les guerres d'indépendance de l'Écosse. Aux côtés d'Andrew de Moray, Wallace défait une armée anglaise à la bataille du pont de Stirling. Hard facts about Scottish patriot and hero Sir William Wallace are as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster. The cult of Wallace fascinates me - and the 13 th /14 th century Wars of Scottish Independence between Scotland and England is a fascinating chapter in the evolution of the United Kingdom. People have been known to get terribly excited about it all, even now Silver William Wallace Braveheart Medieval Scottish Claymore Sword This is a beautiful replica Scottish Claymore like the one used by the famous Sir William Wallace of Scotland. It features a gorgeous stainless-steel blade with a leather wrapped ricasso guard at the base

The William Wallace Sword It's that sound at the end of Braveheart, right? That moment when Hamish, that huge Celtic ginger beast, is about to lose his mind on an overwhelming English army, remember? And he pulls William Wallace's sword from the half sheath on his back In 1280 AD, Wallace wanted to go alongside his father and brother to a peaceful meeting with Edward I of England, William's father told him to stay at the farm. However, he snuck behind him and when he entered the barn, he became terrified at the sight of the hanging bodies at the peace delegation. the body of a page who had gone to the meeting, whose body was hanging and his father told him. Our William Wallace Sword is a well-made replica of the sword used in the film. It is crafted in the world famous Art Gladius factory in Toledo, Spain and features a broad stainless steel blade topped with solid steel hilt fittings and a dark brown leather ricasso and grip. This sword features a blunt blade and is designed for display only

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The Generation 2/Legacy Arms Wallace Sword - William Wallace and his band of lowland scots routed an English force of 50,000 at Stirling Castle in 1297. This impressive sword with it's straight steel cross guard is a predecessor to the later Claymore that had the downsloping guard that developed in the late 15th century Of course we all know that it's not really William Wallace's sword!..... (Don't we?) And that what we are looking at here is (just possibly?) a rather unusual Lowland Scots two handed sword of the 16th century. Those who wish to continue to believe in the Wallace Sword argue that although the hilt is 16th century, the blade, or even part of the blade (which is of three sections welded. William Wallace (em escocês gaélico: Uilleam Uallas; em francês normando: William le Waleys; [1] 1270 — 1305) foi um nobre cavaleiro escocês que se tornou um dos principais líderes da guerra de independência da Escócia. [2]Wallace ganhou fama na Escócia após derrotar, ao lado de Andrew Moray, um exército inglês na batalha da ponte de Stirling, em setembro de 1297 It's only natural that a man the size of William Wallace would have an equally large sword. The Wallace Sword is approximately 5'4″ in length from hilt to blade and weighs over 6.6 pounds. The sword, also known as Freedom's Sword, was believed to have remained at Dumbarton Castle after Wallace's capture, but then disappeared for 200. William Wallace est né à Ellerslie (Ayrshire) ou Elderslie (Renfrewshire) aux alentours de 1270, ce qui faisait de lui encore un jeune homme dans ses années de gloire en 1297 et 1305. Des documents contemporains suggèrent que Wallace était originaire de l'Ayrshire. Son père était de Riccarton, Ayrshire, et sa mère de Loudoun, Ayrshire

Stirling Adventures, Part 2: The Wallace Monument | BlogThe Wallace Sword: Was it Truly Wielded by the FamousNational Wallace Monument Feature Page on Undiscovered

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William Wallace Braveheart Claymore - This replica is just like the one used in the movie Braveheart and more importantly is a close replication of the sword used by some highland warriors in history. Braveheart Claymore - This effective warriors sword lacks unnecessary decoration and has a long and straight, fully tempered AISI 440 stainless steel blade Statement before the Battle of Stirling Bridge on September 11, 1297. History of Scotland. by Patrick Fraser Tytler, p. 121, 1841

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2016/07/02 - このピンは、Syogo Tachibanaさんが見つけました。あなたも Pinterest で自分だけのピンを見つけて保存しましょう William Wallace emerged as a Scottish leader after the defeat of John Balliol in 1296. The following year Wallace and Andrew Moray led a rebellion against the English. His most famous victory was at Stirling Bridge in September 1297, where Scottish infantrymen were able to defeat a large English army of mounted knights

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William Wallace was a Scottish knight who fought the King of England in the Middle Ages. He was born in c.1272, and executed by the English on 23 August 1305. Scotland had been claimed by Edward, and Wallace refused allegiance to Edward Used, William Wallace: Brave Heart by James MacKa . William Wallace : childrens scottish history books informative william wallace robert the bruce . by william power with panoramic maps published for stirling town council, by d. william wallace 100% authentic. Anyone emailing asking authenticity I will ignore their emails !!!!

The Sword attributed to William Wallace is one of the various types of two handed sword much favoured in the 15 th and 16 th centuries across Europe.. This sword, while similar to the Scottish Broadsword in its method of use, owes its design influences to the German and Swiss Zweihander swords of the period.. Letter openers are supplied in a choice of a presentation box or a cardboard box Spada lui William Wallace este o armă pentru două mâini veche presupusă să fi aparținut lui William Wallace (1272-1305), un cavaler și patriot scoțian care a condus o rezistență împotriva ocupării engleze a Scoției în timpul Războaielor de Independență Scoțiene. Este considerată că a fost folosit de către William Wallace în bătălia de la Stirling Bridge și în. William Wallace - The Man & The Myth - A Summary This is the story of a landless second son of an obscure Scottish knight who, when barely out of his teens and living as an outlaw, raised an army of common people and drove the occupying English army out of Scotlan

Wallace's place in the history of Scotland is second to none. A biography at ElectricScotland.com says: William Wallace is one of Scotland's greatest national heroes, undisputed leader of the Scottish resistance forces during the first years of the long and ultimately successful struggle to free Scotland from English rule at the end of the 13th Century The Wallace's Sword is an antique claymore purported to have belonged to William Wallace (1272-1305), A Scottish patriot who led a resistance to the English occupation of Scotland during the Wars of Scottish Independence. This sword is said to have been used by William Wallace at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297 and the Battle of Falkirk (1298) Celebrating its 15th anniversary, Windlass Steelcrafts is proud to bring you, for the very first time, the Officially Licensed Braveheart Sword as used on screen. Working directly with the master armorer from the original production, Simon Atherton, we have expertly reproduced in every detail the famous sword of William Wallace as carried by Mel Gibson Sir William Wallace, in scozzese medievale: Uilliam Uallas; scozzese moderno: Uilleam Uallas; latino: Guillelmus le Walois de Scotia miles (Elderslie, 1270 - Smithfield, 23 agosto 1305), è stato un condottiero e patriota scozzese che guidò i suoi connazionali alla ribellione contro l'occupazione della Scozia da parte degli Inglesi; nel quadro delle Guerre d'indipendenza scozzesi, Wallace. William Wallace sword - Sword of Braveheart. Legendary medieval sword. Two handed Scottish William Wallace Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain is just like the one used by Mel Gibson throughout the Braveheart movie, and much like the one used by Sir William Wallace during the Middle Ages. Sir William Wallace, one of Scotland's outstanding national heroes, had a price placed on his head by the.

William Wallace Braveheart Medieval Scottish Claymore Sword This is a beautiful replica Scottish Claymore like the one used by the famous Sir William Wallace of Scotland. It features a gorgeous stainless-steel blade with a leather wrapped ricasso guard at the base The weapon used by William Wallace was a big sword, with more than a metre and half of length, nowadays we can admire replique of this sword in the William Wallace statue, in Aberdeen. It's a huge sword similar to those which were used in those days, speficically a two hand sword with a singular blade Buy the Braveheart Freedom Fighter Sword for sale from our UK store. Shop for our range of Scottish Movie Swords and weaponry. Great for Re-enactors and collectors

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Braveheart Epee de William Wallace Marto 590 Commentaire(s): 0 Magnifique réplique officielle de l'épée de William Wallace tiré du film Braveheart.La lame est en acier inoxydable AISI420.Manche en acier recouvert de daim.Garde et pommeau en acier.Sous licence MARTO.Longueur totale : 133cmLongueur de la lame : 105cmPoids : 2520grsSuperbe. Full scale Scottish William Wallace sword is available on HiBid. View this auction and search for other auctions now on the leading online auction platform In the 1995 film Braveheart directed by, produced by, and starring Mel Gibson, Scottish warrior William Wallace bravely charges into battle during the First War of Scottish Independence and emerges (mostly) victorious. Okay, he loses his head before he personally sees victory, but eventually, the Scots win their freedom. Though Braveheart is a work of fiction, the premise is rooted in fact

Braveheart Sword (William Wallace) JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser The sword that Sir William Wallace used was a lighter version of the claymore sword as in the 13th century when William Wallace led his campaign against King Edward I, metal armor had not been widely adopted but rather British infantry and cavalry would have been wearing a combination of simple armor plate and more likely chain mail

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  1. This type of sword was said to have been used by William Wallace, the legendary Scottish warlord portrayed by Mel Gibson in the 1995 movie, Braveheart. Although Wallace did use a large sword similar to a claymore, his was a bit different from the blades we normally think of when we hear the term claymore
  2. He may have lived by the sword, but he died by a variety of other means. Mel Gibson as Wallace in Braveheart - Celtic News Now Early Life & Victories. William Wallace was born in the county of Renfrewshire, Scotland in 1270
  3. g When I was a boy, the priest, my uncle, carefully inculcated upon me this proverb, which I then learned and have ever since kept in my
  4. Argyle Wallace is William Wallace`s uncle. Argyle raised William and showed him how to use a sword. Argyle also took William on a journey around the world. Argyle first shows up after malcolm´s funeral and tells William that he is he´s uncle. Appearence Edit. He has a beard and long hair. He also has a scar on his face and he`s blind on his.
  5. William Wallace sword with scabbard. The famous freedom fighter led the Scots to victory at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. He was named Braveheart for his courage on the battlefield. Our replica includes clad wooden sheath. ⚔️ Medieval Shop-Scottis
  6. 11. The Wallace Sword. David H. Caldwell. Big men have big swords. None comes any bigger for the Scots than William Wallace, so it can be no surprise that the sword enshrined in the National Wallace Monument at Stirling is a large weapon, technically a two-handed sword since it was designed for wielding with both hands

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  1. Arts and Culture William Wallace myths busted Gary Stewart, from the Society of William Wallace separates the truth from the fiction about the legend 'Braveheart' Wallace
  2. Sir William Wallace was a Scottish landowner who became one of the leaders in the wars for Scottish Independence during the 1200's. William Wallace led many successful military campaigns against.
  3. Scotland - William Wallace sword. A memorial stone in Lanark, on the site of the house William Wallace shared with his beloved wife Marion, states; Here stood the house of William Wallace who in 1297 first drew sword to free his native land. mary levey Scottish history
  4. William Wallace and Claymore Swords Swords of the Forge is pleased to offer a nice selection of Claymore Swords. Claymore Swords are prized Celtic swords that originated in the Scottish Highlands in the Medieval period
  5. William Wallace emerged as the victor of Stirling Bridge. 1305. After the death of Wallace in 1305, King Robert the Bruce continued the war. Bruce agreed to concede defeat if the English could lift the siege of Stirling Castle by the eve of St John the Baptist, midsummer's day, 1314. As ever, to take Stirling was to hold Scotland
  6. Sir William Wallace. William Wallace was the greatest hero in Scotland's history. He lived over seven centuries ago, but he is still a symbol of Scottish independence. Wallace was born around 1270, probably near Ellerslie, in Ayrshire, Scotland. His father was Sir Malcolm Wallace, a small landowner and a Scottish knight

Braveheart - Sword of William Wallace. Famous sword carried by Mel Gibson in the original production. Exact version as was carried on set. Impressive broadsword with full tang just like the original. Authentic materials include a custom wood grip and oil tanned leather wrap. Fully tempered high carbon steel blade 129cm x 5cm wide. Weight 2.2kg historical and fantasy swords, helmets, shields, katana, Japanese swords, medieval and fantasy clothing, sale, Acero Toledano, Citadel, Cold Steel, Forgotten Dreams. The Sir William Wallace Sword resembles the one that great Scottish patriot would have carried in the 13th century while fighting the Wars of Scottish Independence. This replica is based on historical research and features a solid Damascus steel guard and pommel, along with an elegant suede leather wrapped grip It is known that William Wallace and William Douglas were at Scone, but Blind Harry's narrative has Wallace proceeding afterwards north through the Mearns. In early September, however, the delayed English reaction at last happened - as late as 26 September 1297, the English still believed that John Comyn, Earl of Buchan, remained loyal William Wallace's Sword ( We're giving away two of them!) Wallace's sword, a 52-inch claymore, was allegedly recovered by a British governor and passed onto King James IV of Scotland two hundred years later

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Marto of Spains's replica William Wallace Braveheart Claymore from the movie Braveheart has a fully tempered stainless steel blade & narrow crossbar. Overall 52-3/ A treasured sword which belonged to William Wallace has been returned to Stirling's Wallace Monument after being kept at a top-secret location during the restoration of the monument. Watch a video of the return of the Wallace Sword below MORE: Wallace's 'forgotten commander' Andrew de Mora

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6/jul/2012 - William Wallace Sword...#1 Medieval Sword. Mantenha-se saudável e protegido(a). Lave as mãos, pratique o distanciamento social e confira nossos recursos para se adaptar a estes tempos The Wallace Sword is a very large, two handed sword of a type that was not used until the late 15th century. In Wallace's time, swords were much smaller and for use with one hand This William Wallace Braveheart sword is a very sharp and strong fully functional replica. The blade is made of 1095 high carbon steel, designed for heavy duty cutting. It can cut through bone, thick bamboo, copper, and iron wire without damaging the cutting edge

William Wallace wasn't in Braveheart. Wallace died in 1305. He was played by actor Mel Gibson. The sword was a re-creation of a Claymore Apart from William Wallace, the Castle played host to Mary Queen of Scots who stayed in the Castle in 1548 before being escorted to France. In 1505 Wallace's Sword which was left at the time of his capture was repaired. The sword now hangs in the Wallace Monument in Stirling

Scottish Claymore Sword Cutting Power and Carnage Test! So sit back grab some Scotch, ale or mead and enjoy this epic display of cutting power and carnage that would make William Wallace proud! Thrand Also makes special reply to Matt Easton's or scholagladiatoria comment of two handed swords or great swords so not cut much better than one. Our William Wallace Sword is a well-made replica of the sword used in the film. It is crafted in the world famous Art Gladius factory in Toledo, Spain and features a broad stainless steel blade topped with solid steel hilt fittings and a dark brown leather ricasso and grip The legends that surround William Wallace tend to present him as a Scottish national hero, focused on modern ideals of freedom and liberty for all Scots. This is, no doubt, an anachronism, and it should not be forgotten that Wallace himself was a violent and often cruel warrior, engaged in the pursuit of individual power and glory rather than. The Wallace Sword is believed to be William Wallace's personal Claymore that he used in battle. It is shown in museums in the UK today. Fans were confused when the first historical mentioning of a Claymore was centuries after Wallace's life. Although the weapon did exist, it was classified and named as a large Broadsword at the time The trial of Sir William Wallace. On August 23, 1305, Scottish Independence leader William Wallace stood before the gates of the Tower of London. For eight years, he had led the forces of Scotland in a fight for independence against the English king Edward I. But on August 5, a traitorous knight in his own ranks had turned Wallace over to the.

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  1. Where was William Wallace Educated? Paisley Abbey sits some eight miles from Glasgow. Nearby lies Elderslie, believed to be the birthplace of none other than Sir William Wallace. Legend has it that Scotland's great freedom fighter received his formal education from the monks at the abbey. But what else is the abbey famous for
  2. Braveheart - Sword of William Wallace. Famous sword carried by Mel Gibson in the original production. Exact version as was carried on set. Impressive broadsword with full tang... More. Price: $ 670.00 inc. GS
  3. William Wallace's Invasion of Northern England in 1297. C.J. McNamee. Northern History: v.26 (1990) In the winter of 1297 William Wallace, fresh from his victory over the English at Stirling Bridge, presided over a ferocious and prolonged devastation of northern England
  4. What's On Arts and Entertainment On this day 1305: William Wallace hanged, drawn and quartered One of Scotland's most iconic heroes endured a brutal death in London 711 years ago
  5. Stirling, Stirling Picture: William Wallace Sword - Check out Tripadvisor members' 19,681 candid photos and videos
  6. Malcolm Wallace appears in the Ragman Rolls of 1296 paying allegiance to Edward I of England, however later he was one of the few Scottish nobles who refused to submit to Edward and as a result he and his son, Andrew, were executed. According to some sources Malcolm was the father of the Scottish patriot William Wallace, however the seal of William Wallace, rediscovered in 1999, identifies him.
Wallace Monument | Stirling Tourist Attraction | BuildingWilliam Wallace (Character) - Giant BombWilliam Wallace | 10 Facts About The Real BraveheartBraveheart: Battle Won - YouTubeDual-wielding with swords revisited & ambidexterity - YouTube

Roman Gladius is the general Latin word for sword. In the Roman Republic, the term 'Gladius Hispaniensis' (Spanish Sword) referred (and refers today) specifically to the short sword, 50 cm-60 cm (24 inches) long, used by Roman legionaries from the 3rd century BC William Wallace is a man of murky origins, but by this time he probably had military experience, possibly in Edward's Welsh campaign. His first documented act of defiance was the killing of a sheriff in May 1297; one 15th-century poem of dubious veracity suggests the killing of Wallace's wife was the catalyst for this William Wallace's early successes did not last. His co-commander Andrew Murray died, leaving Wallace alone as Guardian of the Kingdom to face a superior English force under Edward I himself at the battle of Falkirk in 1298. He lost. His credibility ruined, Wallace resigned the Guardianship, but did not give up the fight William Wallace Patriot, Thief, Guardian, Traitor: William Wallace has been many things to many people. However, since Mel Gibson's 1995 film, 'Braveheart', to most he is a freedom fighter and icon of Scottish independence A Espada de Wallace é uma antiga espada de duas mãos que se imagina ter pertencido a William Wallace (1270-1305), um cavaleiro escocês que liderou a guerra de resistência escocesa durante as Guerras de Independência.. Acredita-se que foi usada durante a Batalha de Stirling Bridge em 1297 e na Batalha de Falkirk (1298), porém sua autenticidade é muito questionada William Wallace. Current historians tend to challenge the veracity of much of this epic, but the work continues to provide the framework for William Wallace's life and draws its credibility as the narrative closest to the time that William Wallace actually lived (abt. 1270-1305). Book cover on Blind Harry's Wallace (1998 Luath Press edition

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