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Really the ONLY sure fire way to make IDE work even on IDE only boards (pre SATA) was to force Master and Slave jumpers correctly. There seemed to be various ways boards dealt with Cable Select. Western Digital's instructions for jumper pin settings on some SATA hard drives. Unless you have need of those specialty settings, you can safely ignore the jumper pins on your drive. It will work fine without them on pretty much any computer made in the last ten years Setting master or slave is an alternate method to cable select. Depending on your computer and the existing hard drive, setting master/slave may be useful. One ATA (IDE) drive on the ribbon cable is referred to as a single drive. Two ATA drives physically plugged into the same 40-pin/80-conductor ribbon cable are paired in a master/slave set up

How to make SATA HDD as master and slave - TechSpot Forum

I'm updating my desktop from a 210gb IDE to a 1TB SATA. The IDE uses a plastic jumper, installed on one set, of FIVE sets of two pins, to designate the drive as the master or slave drive. This was my master drive. The SATA drive has FOUR sets of two pins. There's nothing indicating which set of pins I should jumper to mark this as the. Oft gestaltet es sich nicht leicht, die Jumper-Einstellungen oder Jumper Settings der Festplatte (HDD) richtig zu konfigurieren.Daher haben wir für Sie auf dieser Seite einige Links zu den unerlässlichsten Festplattenherstellern zusammengestellt. Auf den Seiten der Hersteller werden die Jumper-Konfigurationen ausführlich dargestellt For instance, my mobo has Sata 1 & 2 channels as Master and 3 & 4 Slave. Thus, it is likely your Sata drive is hooked to the wrong port for Master. Read your manual, examine the connector diagram I never use a jumper on SATA drives, let the motherboard take care of what it needs. The IDE [now known as PATA] used a 40-pin or 80-conductor ribbon cable from the motherboard with 3 plugs/sockets on it, one end for the motherboard, other end for the Master/Only HDD and the middle socket for a Slave HDD if present which is where the Master/Slave/Only jumper came into play as specified on the.

Jumper Settings DS CS PK Rsvd Stand Alone (Default) ON OFF X OFF Master with Slave Present ON OFF X OFF Slave to Master OFF OFF X OFF Cable Select * OFF ON X OFF X= PK is a Parking position. The presence or absence of this jumper has no effect on the drive. Labeling may indicate to place this jumper when configuring as a slave Setting The Jumper On Your Hard Disk Drive. Use the common jumper settings for Samsung hard disk drives that are listed below. Please verify the jumper setting by checking the label on your hard disk drive.. Important: If you partitioned and formatted your hard disk drive, with the General or 32 GB pin setting, and now need to use the opposite pin setting; remember to partition and format the.

With S-ATA (Serial-ATA), each disc is hanging at an own port of the controller so you do not need the master and slave thing anymore. Nevertheless, some SATA hard drives can still have jumpers. Depending on the disc model and the manufacturer, you can adjust some settings with them, for example you can set a writing protection or you can. Im trying to connect some of my old drives through this LogiLink usb to ide/sata adapter... most of the hdd are Maxtor.. which jumper setting should i use for the hdd to popup in my Win7? Does it matter if there's been a previous windows installed on any of the old IDE drives, or? (View attachment 11960

What Do The Jumper Pins On The Back Of Your Hard Drive Do

Toshiba's 2.5″ hard disk drives can be configured as either master or slave units. Master configuration is used for all single drive applications, and master or slave configuration (only one of each per port) is used for two drive applications The two drives on the cable are called master and slave. You want your existing hard drive (which contains the operating system and all of your current data) to be the master and the new hard drive to be the slave. The drive should have instructions on them that tell you how to set the jumpers for master and slave Although IDE hard drives are starting to be replaced by SATA drives which offer faster data transfer rates there are still many computers out there that use IDE drives. If you ever have ever had to replace an IDE hard drive or CD/DVD drive for that matter you may have noticed that there are jumper settings that have to be set to make the computer recognize the drive correctly jumpers. Most hard drives have a schematic either silk screened onto the case of the drive, or the schematic is on a label near the jumper pins. If you have difficulty locating this information, visit the hard drive manufacturer's website. If your existing hard drive is configured as Master, then set your new hard drive to Slave

How to Connect a SATA Hard Disk As a Slave. Adding a secondary SATA drive to your office computer is a great way to expand your data storage capacity and increase security at the same time Hello - I have a WD Internal 500gB drive that I'm trying to mate up with an older aBit K8T800 AV8 Mobo. I believe I have a jumper to set on the drive so that it is compatible/works with SATA-I as this is an older Mobo. The drive is labeled: SATA/16mb cache and its model no is: WD5000AAKS - 00D280. I think this new drive should auto-adjust for this situation but it does not. Can someone guide. The 2.5 drives use smaller jumpers than most 3.5 drives, however very few 2.5 drives need a jumper, SATA got rid of jumpers alltogether. - Hard Driv jumpers. Most hard drives have a schematic either silk screened onto the case of the drive, or the schematic is on a label near the jumper pins. If you have diffi culty locating this information, visit the hard drive manufacturer's website. If your existing hard drive is confi gured as Master, then set your new hard drive to Slave Hängst du deine SATA HDD mit einem IDE-SATA Adapter an ein IDE-Kabel an die Slave-Position musst du den Jumper auf dem Adapter auf Slave stecken. habe mir gestern so ein Adapter gekauft, es funktionier auch mit DVD-RW Laufwerken. 0. Anmelden oder Registrieren, um zu kommentieren

Troubleshooting Master/Slave Problems with ATA hard drives

  1. SATA drives do not use nor need jumpers. If you just place it on another SATA port it will be a secondary drive even if it was bootable. The bootloader on the main drive will only see itself unless you modify it to see another bootable drive. If you installed the disk on another computer and it caus..
  2. SATA - kein Master oder Slave Im Gegensatz zu ATA-Festplatten benötigen Serial-ATA-( SATA )-Laufwerke keine Jumper zur Konfiguration des Gerätes. Quelle der Bilder
  3. Western Digital Service and Support Information Advanced Jumper Settings Western Digital Serial ATA hard drives ship with a jumper shunt in the Default position (across pins 1 and 2). It is not necessary to move the jumper shunt on the drive for workstation/desktop use. Page 23: Frequently Asked Questions Device Manager in the window
  4. Instalar un disco duro SATA es mucho más fácil que hacerlo con otro ATA pues no hay que indicar si es MASTER o SLAVE, sólo tenemos que conectar el cable de alimentación al conector de la unidad (SATA power connector) y el de datos (SATA interface connector) al conector de la controladora SATA en la placa base.Puede suceder que la placa base no reconozca la nueva unidad SATA a la primera.

I am not sure what the jumper settings should be though. The drive has diagrams for the jumper settings for three choices: 1. Device0 (needs no jumper) 2. Device1 3. Cable Sel I want the computer to boot from it's hard drive as it does now, and have the 2.5 as a slave. Another problem, the drive currently has no physical jumpers on it I jumper degli hard disk SATA servono essenzialmente, come detto, a limitare l'interfaccia del disco: le unità SATA 2 (3 Gb/s) possono essere limitate al SATA 1 (1,5 Gb/s), le unità SATA 3 (6 Gb/s) al SATA 2; questa limitazione serve a superare alcuni problemi di incompatibilità con controller SATA datati

Position du cavalier (jumper) sur un périphérique ide ou sata

hd sata senza jumper:settarlo in slave L' alimentatore funziona,la batteria è carica,ma proprio non da alcun segno. Avendo dati importanti sull hd,ho provveduto a smontarlo e tramite adattatore(per estrarne i suoi dati),ho provato a collegarlo come hd esterno,via usb alimentandolo,ad un altro portatile Puede suceder que la placa base no reconozca la nueva unidad SATA a la primera por lo que deberemos entrar en la BIOS y forzar su auto-detección. Sin embargo las unidades de disco duro SATA tienen un grupo de pines en el que se puede conectar un jumper con la finalidad de limitar la máxima tasa de transferencia de datos a 1,5 Gbits por segundo sataのhddにマスターとスレーブの切り替えジャンパーは なく、bios上のataコントローラーが区別しているだけです。 友人はsata0ポートにssd、sata1ポートにhddを 繋いでいるのでしょう。 >スレーブにhddを置いたつもり ちょっとコレが気になります

Computer Upgrades & Repairs : How to Change the Master

目前硬碟已經是SATA介面為主流,IDE特色就是要設跳頻(Jumper),當你需設定Jumper一些插接線步驟時,謹記通常最靠排線的就是Master,中間是Slave也就是次要的,但若是用Serial ATA(簡稱SATA)介面則可省略,因為OS自己會去抓,SATA是近期新興流行的介面,它好處多多、頻寬也大,頗Smart Each hard drive setting is used by the Computer's BIOS to tell the system where the hard drive is located and what priority it has in relation to the other drives. Most hard drives and computers that were manufactured after 2002 probably do not need to have the hard drive jumper settings changed - this includes all SATA drives

U kunt bijvoorbeeld niet 2 SATA-schijven aansluiten als er maar één SATA-connector beschikbaar is op het moederbord. Afbeelding : Stel de tweede jumper voor de harde schijf in op Slave (gebruik Cable Select als Cable Select werd ingesteld bij de eerste harde schijf). Sluit de schijf aan via de Slave-connector op de primaire IDE-kabel bei S-ATA gibts kein Master und Slave mehr, das ist Geschichte Hilfreich waere Hersteller&Modell der Festplatte anzugeben. In hochqualitativen S-ATA-HDD's sind Jumper vorhanden, die man jedoch.

How to Set Jumpers for Your Computer's IDE Drive - dummie

Master, Slave ne işe yarar derseniz yukarıdada dediğim gibi takılı olan cd/dvd ve HDD cihazlarının birincil ve ikincil olarak çalışma seçeneğini belirler. Yeni çıkan Sata disklerde ise Bu tip bir (MAster,Slave) uygulaması yoktur. Sata disklerdeki Jumper'ın görevi Sata Diskin Veri hızını belirler Congratulations on purchasing a WD SATA hard drive! This document was designed to aid in the quick installation of your new SATA hard drive. If you experience problems following these procedures or need further information regarding the installation and use of your drive, visit our website at support.wdc.com to search our onlin Buy Kingwin SSD/SATA to IDE Bridge Board Adapter, Convert All SATA Devices Easily to IDE. Support 2.5 Inch, 3.5 Inch HDD, & Compatible w/ SATA I/II/III Hard Drives: Internal Hard Drives - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase RESOURCES FOR FINDING YOUR SATA HARD DRIVE JUMPER CONFIGURATION. The new SATA If you have two drives on a bus you must configure the drives in a master/slave configuration which may require you add a jumper to one drive or the other. See your drive instructions or try the appropriate site listed in the links The problem is that the jumper on this HD has come off and I dont know where to put it back on correctly. I have a Maxtor Diamond Max 10 6V300f0. The only refernece to the jumper settings is in the MAXTOR PDF manual, which states: To ensure proper operation of your drive, do not use the jumper pins to the right of the SATA interface cable.

I have a toshiba techra M5 laptop

ต่อ Hdd 2 ลูก แล้วเครื่องไม่สามารถทำงานได้ รายละเอียดคือ WD HDD Sata 500 GB Green ตั้ง jumper ที่ตำแหน่ง 1 (ลง Win 7) WD HDD Sata 500 GB Blue ไม่มี Jumper จะต้ Capacity: 1.0TB (1000GB) Speed: 7200. Jumper block: 8-pin (no Master/Slave settings) 10-pin (single, Master, Slave, and. PowerVault 725n Jumper settings for upgraded hard drives PowerVault. Digital 1.0TB HDD Drive model# WD10EARS Looking for Western Digital 1.0TB HDD. WD10EADS jumper settings - Western Digital Community Blue screen with Western. Yapacağınız ayar ile SATA bağlantısını aktif etmelisiniz. Farklı bios sürümleri için sata aktif etme ekranı. 3- SATA - SATA. Birincil olarak bir sata harddisk zaten takılı ve sizde ikinci sata harddiski takmak istiyorsanız, ayar falan yapmanıza gerek yok. :) rahatlıkla bağlayıp bilgisayarınızı açabilirsiniz This is a tutorial from Jacqui Best about the proper procedure for slaving your hard drive prior to running data recovery software on it. This would also be the procedure to follow if you were to run speed clone to sector clone a noisy drive or if you have a partition problem and need to repair or recover data from a partition or if you need to restore or undelete a file Cách thiết lập các chân cắm Jump cho ổ cứng IDE, SATA để máy tính phân biệt ổ Master và Slave Với các chuẩn ổ cứng cũ như IDE hoặc SATA đời đầu lắp trên các máy tính để bàn, laptop các bạn phải thiết lập các Jumper. Khi đó Mainboard mới nhận được được đâu là ổ chính, đâu là ổ phụ để khởi động hệ.

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Cable select, also referred to by the acronym CS, is a disk drive jumper setting which automatically sets the priority of a disk drive by its position on its data cable. When cable select is enabled, the drive will configure itself as a master or slave depending on its position in the drive chain. For cable select to work, an IDE/EIDE drive must have its jumpers set to CS and be using a cable. Untuk pengaturan Master dan Slave pada HDD IDE/ATA sangat mudah dalakukan hanya dengan merubah jumper. Sedangkan berbeda dengan kakaknya yaitu SATA, terbilang agak sulit karena tidak ada keterangannya pada HHDnya. Namun sebenarnya lebih mudah SATA apabila kita lebih teliti dalam pemasangan kabel data conector SATA tersebut

El pequeño jumper que suelen traer los SATA 2 es sólo para configurarlos como SATA 1, en el caso de que la placa base no admita SATA 2. En sistemas mixtos (SATA + IDE) se siguen las mismas reglas, ya que éstas no dependen sino de las limitaciones en el BUS IDE, asignándose en el Setup la secuencia de arranque, es decir, desde qué unidad. how to set jumper to slave 3.5 sata,pata hdd Critical: Hard drives and Solid State drives (SSD) are highly sensitive precision instruments that read, write, and store information on spinning magnetic disks. Special handling is required to protect hard drives from damage. Hard drives can be damaged by Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

How to Jumper My 1TB Hard Drive - WD Communit

1. Locate the jumper block on the back of the Seagate SATA hard drive. The jumper block is on the left of the interface connector and the power connector, and has four pins in a horizontal row The literature I read has always stated that SATA devices don't have jumpers. But i've seen a few with that random jumper. I found this: SATA Hard Drive Jumper Settings WD SATA hard drives are factory set for workstation/desktop use. For enterprise storage requirements, the jumpers can be set t No, omlouvam se za dalsi vlakno, ale chci se zeptat, zda-li by mel byt jumper na disku. Vim ze drive jak to jelo prez IDE tak tam vetsinou byl, ale u Sata disku se to moc nevidi. Kdyz jsem tuhle delal klon disku pomoci Acronis, na konci to hodilo hlasku,celkem me to prekvapilo( spis to bylo doporuceni), ze mam jako nastavit Jumper na systemovym disku na Master

Festplatten Jumper - HDD Jumper Settings - Einstellung

Review the user manual for your hard drive to determine the correct jumper settings, or check to see if the settings are printed on the hard drive itself. As an example, if you want to force a Maxtor 3.0 GB/s SATA drive to use the slower 1.5 GB/s speed, you need to jump the first two pins of the four-pin series in between the power connector and the ide connector assuming you have a PATA drive and not an SATA drive which do not have jumpers for master slave. look on the top of the drive on the sticker to find out how to set the jumpers for master or slave Cable Select only works with the newer 40 pin 80 wire IDE cables. The position of the drive on the cable determines if its the Master or Slave. I wouldn't think the jumper would have any effect when its plugged into a IDE to SATA adapter though? SATA drives don't use a drive select jumper as there can be only one per SATA Cable

As can be seen in the picture below, ATA (IDE) hard drives have jumpers with three sets of two pins. Moving a jumper between each two pins will change the drive from master drive, slave drive, or cable select. Tip: Some documentation may refer to setting the jumpers to on, off, closed, or open The Samsung has no jumper on it but the WD does. Unlike IDE (PATA), which allows 2 hard drives per channel requiring hard drives to be jumpered as Master, Slave or Cable Select, SATA has only one hard drive per channel and requires no jumpers on the hard drives PATA Drive Jumper Settings . Note: This is a legacy page. The information provided on this page is obsolete because SATA has replaced PATA as the standard for hard drives. It is being retained solely for historical reasons. Setting the Drive Jumpers Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Kingwin SSD/SATA to IDE Bridge Board Adapter, Convert All SATA Devices Easily to IDE. Support 2.5 Inch, 3.5 Inch HDD, & Compatible w/ SATA I/II/III Hard Drives at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users

2Toshiba MK2555GSX 250GB SATA/300 5400RPM 8MB 2SATA HDD to IDE Adapter Board - PI Manufacturing

Gyártó : DELOCK Azonosító : DELOCK-61702 : Műszaki cikk > Számítástechnika > HDD kiegészítők > Converter SATA > IDE Delock DELOCK-61702 ár, vásárlás adat-lap, leírás Megfelel a Serial ATA 1.0 szabványnak, Ultra ATA/133 párhuzamos interfész, 5.25 4-tűs táp csatlakozó, Jumper Master és Slave kiválasztására, Támogatja: PIO és DMA módok, Támogatja: SATA HDDs és. Da ich bis jetzt bei meinen beiden SATA Platten auch Jumper gesetzt habe, also eine auf Master und eine auf Slave. Aber wie du schon gesagt hast, das braucht man wirklich nicht zu machen. Weil: Serial ATA hat nur ein Gerät pro Kabel, daher sind auch keine Jumper-Einstellungen auf den Geräten nötig einigen sata platten wirst du noch jumper finden dies dient aber nur dazu die hdd auf sata 1 oder 2 einzustellen! und ist nicht bei allen sata platten so sonst muss ich dem vorposter recht geben den scheiss mit master slave usw. gibts nur bei ide platten TronWorrrio Ormai come tutti sanno i nuovi HDD Serial ATA non necessitano di settaggio di jumper per farlo riconoscere come master e/o slave dalla mainboard, essendo connessi con una configurazione point-to-point, vediamo pero' quando bisogna aggiungere uno jumper per far si che questo venga riconosciuto dalla nostra scheda madre Не все пользователи знают, для чего нужна перемычка на жестком диске. В зависимости от модели hdd она имеет несколько функций Master/slave só existe para HD's IDE, porque numa porta IDE voce pode conectar até 2 dispositivos, aí um tem que ser master e o outro IDE para que sejam ambos reconhecidos. SATA só pode ser conectado um em cada porta SATA, o jumper que voce acha que configurou para master é para limitar a velocidade do HD ao padrão SATA-1, só isso

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