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  1. Az An-32 (ukránul és oroszul: Ан-32, NATO-kódja: Cline) ukrán, korábban szovjet könnyű katonai szállító repülőgép. Eredetileg indiai igények alapján fejlesztették ki a forró éghajlati és magashegyi viszonyok közti üzemeltetésre. Az első olyan szovjet repülőgép volt, amelyet kifejezetten külföldi exportra fejlesztettek. Később polgári szállító és egyéb.
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  4. An-32 is powered by two Ivchenko Progress AI-20DM single shaft turboprop engines with each producing 3,864kW of output power. The engine was designed and manufactured by Ivchenko Progress. The length and width of the engine are 3.09m and 8.42m respectively, while the height is 11.8m
  5. Afghan Air Force flight crew and medical technicians along side their U.S. Mentors conduct an aeromedical evacuation on an AN-32 Cline from Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan to Kabul International.

The AN-32 multipurpose transport airplane was developed under order of the Indian Air Force on the basis of the AN-26 aircraft and differs from the latter in more powerful engines, enhanced wing high-lift devices and roller track equipment installed in the airplane Vita:An-32. Ugrás a navigációhoz Ugrás a kereséshez. Ez a szócikk a következő műhely(ek) cikkértékelési spektrumába tartozik: Repüléssel kapcsolatos szócikkek (vázlatos besorolás) Ez a szócikk témája miatt a. The Antonov An-32 (NATO reporting name: Cline) is a twin-engined turboprop military transport aircraft. The An-32 is basically a re-engined An-26. The launch customer was the Indian Air Force, which ordered this aircraft partly due to good relations between then USSR leader Leonid Brezhnev and then India leader Indira Gandhi. The An-32 is designed to withstand adverse weather conditions better.

Légiközlekedés. Budapest Airport, Ferihegy; Légitársaságok; Repülőgépgyártók; Repülőterek, légiközlekedés; Légiforgalmi irányítás; Magyarországi. Officials marked the occasion by landing an AN-32 twin-engine military aircraft on the strip. Vijaynagar is a remote corner of Arunachal Pradesh, close to the borders of China and Myanmar Zágráb a régóta kivont Mi-24-esek mellett mindkét An-32 szállítógépét és PC-9 kiképző gépparkjának harmadát bocsátaná áruba

The Antonov An-32 took off from Tambaram Air Force Station, Chennai at 08:30 local time on 22 July 2016. It was expected to land in Port Blair around 11:45 local time. The Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard launched a large search and rescue operation, using a submarine, 12 surface vessels and five aircraft Die Antonow An-32 (NATO-Codename: Cline) ist ein in der Sowjetunion entwickeltes und in der heutigen Ukraine gebautes Frachtflugzeug.Die Maschine ist als Schulterdecker ausgelegt. Der Grundentwurf stammt von der Antonow An-26.Wie diese verfügt sie über zwei Turboprop-Triebwerke und ein einziehbares Fahrwerk.. Unterscheidungsmerkmale sind die wesentlich vergrößerten und höher an den. El Antonov An-32 (designación OTAN: Cline [4] ) es un avión de transporte táctico bimotor turbohélice desarrollado a partir del Antonov An-26.Básicamente se trata de una versión repotenciada de éste, al que se le han instalado nuevos motores que mejoran sus prestaciones cuando opera en lugares cálidos y/o situados a gran altitud FET Circuit Applications AN-32 National Semiconductor Application Note 32 February 1970 FET Circuit Applications *Polycarbonate dielectric TL/H/6791-1 Sample and Hold With Offset Adjustment The 2N4339 JFET was selected because of its low lGSS (k100 pA), very-low lD(OFF) (k50 pA) and low pinchoff volt-age

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  1. Antonov An-32, Aeroflot (Antonov Design Bureau) AN1753678.jpg 1,300 × 900; 857 KB Antonov AN32 en el aeropuerto La Florida.JPG 1,632 × 1,224; 820 KB Antonov MAKS93.jpg 1,770 × 1,196; 113 K
  2. An An-32 aircraft that went missing with 13 people aboard last week slammed into the face of a hill very close to its summit in Arunachal Pradesh's Mechuka region, a new photograph released by the.
  3. Spécialiste dans le transport international de marchandises, effets personnels et véhicules en multimodal : terrestre, aérien et maritime. AN32 France est née d'une association de compétences et de savoir faire dans le but de répondre à un besoin
  4. istry that was chaired by the secretary of border management
  5. An-32 (ros. Ан-32) (kod NATO: Cline) - radziecki samolot transportowy zaprojektowany w biurze konstrukcyjnym Olega Antonowa. Zaprezentowany po raz pierwszy w 1976 roku, będący modyfikacją samolotu transportowego An-26. Samolot może zabrać 52 osoby lub 30 spadochroniarzy bądź 24 rannych na noszach albo ładunek o masie 6000 kg
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Ma Ferihegyen járt Ukrajna Vészhelyzetek Minisztériumának AN-32 tűzoltó repülőgépe: Repülőnapok, múzeumok, repüléssel és haditechnikával kapcsolatos rendezvények, helyszínek, ahol jártam és amit láttam an-32(アントノフ32;ロシア語: Ан-32 アーン・トリーッツァヂ・ドヴァー;ウクライナ語: Ан-32 アーン・トルィーッツャヂ・ドヴァー)は、ソ連・ウクライナ共和国のキエフ機械製作工場(kmz;現ウクライナのantk アントーノウ)で開発されたターボプロップ双発の多用途輸送機. The IAF has over 100 AN-32s which play a critical role in equipping India's frontline forces. India was the launch customer for the AN-32, which was bought from the former Soviet Union and built. The Proficient Fire Extinguisher The Antonov An-32. Avionics: Engine: 2 × ZMKB AI-20DM turboprop Power: 5,112 horsepower Max Cruise Speed Also, the total search area for the An-32 is more than a 1000 square kilometres, IAF officials told The Indian Express, based on where the missing aircraft was last in touch with the base and its final destination.This is the area formed by an approximate triangle between Along, Payum and Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh

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O Antonov An-32 (designação NATO - Cline) é um avião bimotor turboélice usado como transporte civil e militar. O An-32 é uma versão mais moderna do An-26 . An-32 da AirMark no Aeroporto de Changi Singapura em 2011 Lezuhant egy An-32-es. MTI 2014.12.12. 13:30. Lezuhant a Srí Lanka-i légierő egyik Antanov An-32-es katonai teherszállító repülőgépe a Srí Lanka-i fővárostól 12 kilométerre fekvő Athurugiriya egyik gumiültetvényén. A balesetben a fedélzeten tartózkodó négy ember életét vesztette antonov an 32 Babri Masjid demolition: Four of the 32 accused appear, questioning to commence The development assumes significance as this paves the way for a crucial stage in the trial which has reached its last leg AN-32 missing HIGHLIGHTS: The operation has been hit repeatedly due to difficult terrain in the region and poor weather conditions. IAF AN-32 missing HIGHLIGHTS: Aerial search operation could not be undertaken on Saturday to trace the missing transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force in remote Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh due to poor weather conditions, even as ground troops continued combing.

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4 Antonov An-32 Aircraft for Sale Worldwide. Search aircraft for sale for free! Buy and sell planes and helicopters online at GlobalPlaneSearch.com Lock nuts requiring a keyway. SKF uses cookies on our web site to align the information shown as closely as possible to the visitors' preferences and to tailor our web site user experience in general > On 22 July 2016, an Antonov An-32 twin engine turboprop transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force disappeared while flying over the Bay of Bengal. The aircraft was en route from Tambaram Air Force Station in the city of Chennai on the western. The Antonov AN-32 Cline builds on the general design of the widely-used AN-26 light transport plane, but high placement of the engine nacelles above the wing allow bigger propellers, driven by 5,100 hp AI-20 turboprops that almost double the output of the AN-26's engines Sur les autres projets Wikimedia: An-32 , sur Wikimedia Commons Développement lié Antonov An-24 Antonov An-26 Antonov An-30 Ordre de désignation An-30 - An-32 - An-70 v · m Avions Antonov Avions de ligne An-10 · An-24 · An-26 · An-28 · An-74 · An-140 · An-148 · An-158 · An-174 · An-178 · Antonov An-180 (en) · Antonov An-218 (en) Avions de transport OKA-38 · An-2 · An-3 · An-4.

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  1. New Delhi: The Indian Air Force (IAF) is planning to curtail the role of the Antonov-32 (AN-32) in extreme environments following the June 3 crash in Arunachal Pradesh that led to the deaths of 13 people — the third fatal incident of the Soviet-origin aircraft in India over the last 10 years. According to three senior IAF officers, who asked not to be named, the AN-32, seen as a workhorse.
  2. This improved An-32, the An-132, is a joint project between Ukraine and Saudi-Arabia
  3. An-32 được thiết kế để bay trong bất kỳ thời tiết nào, kể cả thời tiết xấu nhất, nó có thiết kế tốt hơn so với tiêu chuẩn của An-26. Với động cơ đặt cao trên cánh cho phép đường kính cánh quạt lớn, An-32 được trang bị hai động cơ phản lực cánh quạt AI-20.
  4. No wreckage sighted so far, says IAF on missing AN-32 aircraft - Indian Air Force (IAF) on Monday said while reports of possible location of the crash site were received, no wreckage of the An-32 transport aircraft which went missing earlier in the day in Arunachal Pradesh has not been sighted so far
  5. Definitions of Antonov An-32, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Antonov An-32, analogical dictionary of Antonov An-32 (English

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  1. The An-32 was also, as was the case with the best Soviet gear, very rugged and reliable. A total of 214 was built for export up to 1994, with India being the biggest user at 123 aircraft, the first Indian An-32 being delivered in the summer of 1984
  2. The An-32 is essentially a re-engined An-26. It is designed to withstand adverse weather conditions better than the standard An-26. Announced at the May 1977 Paris Air Show, the An-32 is distinguished from its predecessor by engines raised 1.5 m above the wing in order to avoid foreign object damage on rough, unprepared air strips
  3. New Delhi: The wreckage of Indian Air Force's (IAF) missing AN-32 aircraft was spotted Tuesday by a Mi17 helicopter 16 km north of Lipo in Arunachal Pradesh in a valley where it was not supposed to be, and at a height of nearly 12,000 feet. The aircraft went missing on 3 June while on a routine flight from Jorhat in Assam to Mechuka Advanced Landing Ground in Arunachal Pradesh
  4. India News: The wreckage of the missing transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force, AN-32, was located north of Lipo in Arunachal Pradesh on Tuesday, eight days
  5. Amodel Antonov An-32 Soviet transport aircraft makett, 1:72 méretarányú műanyag makett , Modellfutá
  6. New Delhi: A rescue operation has commenced at the crash site of IAF's AN-32 aircraft that went missing on June 3 and was spotted 16 kilometres north of Lipo in Arunachal Pradesh by Mi-17 helicopters on Tuesday. Advanced Light Helicopters (ALH) and Mi17s of Indian Army are being utilised for the rescue operation that began Wednesday morning, news agency ANI said in a tweet
  7. Tájékoztatás a bevezetett helyi adók szabályairól: A megjelenített adatok a Htv. 42/B. § alapján a Magyar Államkincstár által üzemeltetett elektronikus rendszerébe érkezett önkormányzati adóhatóságok (jegyzők) adatszolgáltatásai alapján kerültek összesítésre, az az önkormányzatok kihirdetett adórendeleteinek szöveges - az önkormányzati adóhatóság által.

The following AN-32 versions have been designed: AN-32B aircraft for commercial airlift; AN-32P fire fighting aircraft, using 8 tons of fire suppression liquid. This aircraft also has improved economics due to the increased overhaul life of its engines Antonov An-32 (NATO oznaka: Cline) je dvomotorno turbopropelersko transportno letalo, ki so ga zasnovali v Sovjetski zvezi pri biroju Antonov.An-32 je v bistvu An-26 z novimi motorji. Prvi uporabnik so bile Indijske letalske sile, deloma kot plod dobrih odnosov med Leonidom Brežnjem in Indiro Gandhi.An-32 lahko deluje v ostrejših vremenskih pogojih kot An-26 Antonov An-32 (ukrajinsky a rusky: Антонов Ан-32; v kódu NATO: Cline) je sovětský (dnes ukrajinský) dvoumotorový turbovrtulový transportní letoun pro krátké a střední tratě.. An-32 je v podstatě Antonov An-26 s překonstruovaným uložením silnějších motorů. Oproti An-26 je určen i pro provoz za ztížených podmínek. Umístění motorových gondol na horní stranu. The C-130J and AN-32 planes and Mi-17 helicopters of the IAF and ALH helicopters of the Army were launched immediately to locate the missing aircraft. Navy's P-8I aircraft joined the search operations on June 4. Resources from various agencies, including the ISRO, were brought into the operation to enhance its effectiveness Antonov An-32 (Russian: Антонов Ан-32; NATO reporting name: Cline) is a twin-engined turboprop military transport aircraft, developed from Antonov An-26 This short article about transport can be made longer


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  1. De An-32 was in essentie de voorgaande Antonov An-26 met nieuwe motoren.Die verbetering was bedoeld om in extremer weercondities te kunnen opereren. De hoge plaatsing van de motoren op de vleugels zorgde ervoor dat propellers met een grotere diameter gemonteerd konden worden. De turboprop-motoren van 5100 pk waren bijna tweemaal zo krachtig als die van de An-26
  2. AN-32. National IAF lost 27 aircraft, including 15 fighter jets and choppers, in crashes since 2016: Govt. PTI June 26, 2019 June 27, 2019.
  3. An Indian Air Force (IAF) An-32 transport aircraft with 13 personnel went missing over Arunachal Pradesh on Monday. It got airborne from Jorhat in Assam at 1227 hrs for the Mechuka Advanced.
  4. AN-32 - TOPSwitch-GX Flyback Design Methodology . Parametric Search. AN-32 - TOPSwitch-GX Flyback Design Methodology . This is an active product that is not recommended for new designs. Suggested alternative(s): TOPSwitch-JX. Status: Not Recommended. Product Family: TOPSwitch-GX. Description
  5. All results related to antonov an-32 an 32* found on 80 scale modeling websites and the scalemates kit database
  6. An-32 Cline (India) F. An-32. faran; Jul 29, 2004; There are no comments to display. Media information. Category.
  7. An-32 Sutlej Manufacturer ANTONOV: Body Narrow Wing Fixed Wing Position High wing Tail Regular tail, mid set WTC: Medium APC: B Type code L2T Engine Turboprop Engine count Multi Position (Front) Wing leading mounted Landing gear Tricycle retractable Mass grou
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73-104 T6 Címzett neve AN 32 V 105-136 T7 Címzett címe AN 32 V 137-168 T8 Jogosult, számlatulajdonos neve AN 32 K 169-186 T10 Közlemény AN 18 V . Állomány: 1 sz függelék Csoportos atut. csoportos lakcimre ut. input fileszerkezete3 4/5 Tételrekord: 198 karakter (CSL Csoportos lakcímre utalásra). Read stories listed under on AN-32. New Delhi: There are 4-5 small leads with regard to the AN-32 aircraft of the IAF which went missing four days back with 29 people on b..

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Flag as Inappropriate. New image of IAF's AN-32 crash site shows how close aircraft was to clear hill, but failed . Jaguar to AN-32, Indian Air Force lost nearly 10 aircraft this year. Videos. Cut2Cut: IAF's Garud chopper to reach AN-32 crash site today. IAF to launch biggest search operation to trace AN-32 crash survivors L'Antonov An-32 (in cirillico Антонов Ан-32, nome in codice NATO Cline) è un bimotore turboelica da trasporto tattico ad ala alta progettato dall'OKB 153 diretto da Oleg Konstantinovič Antonov e sviluppato in Unione Sovietica negli anni settanta. Evoluzione del precedente An-26, venne dotato di motori più potenti e di una struttura rinforzata e venne ottimizzato per operare ad alte. Antonov An-32, Mexico - Navy JP6385227.jpg 1 024 × 732 ; 526 Kio Antonov An-32, Russia - Air Force AN1881845.jpg 1 500 × 1 000 ; 737 Kio Antonov An-32A, Aviatrans AN1120061.jpg 1 600 × 1 069 ; 911 Ki


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SKF AN 32 AN Series Bearing Lock Nut - 6.284-8 in Thread Size, 8-1/16 in OD, 7.438 in Face Dia., 1-1/32 in Width, Stee The An-32 took off from Jorhat in Assam at 12.27 p.m. on Monday for the Mechuka Advanced Landing Ground (ALG) in Shi Yomi district of Arunachal Pradesh but lost contact 33 minutes later وكان سلاح الجو الهندى في الواقع اول من قام بتحويل طائراتها an-32 لاستخدام تعديل حجرة الشحن كقاذفة وإثبات قدرتها على القصف للمرة الأولى خلال تمرين فى عام 2013 كما استخدمت أوكرانيا نسخ مشابهة من an-26 فى بداية حملتها ضد. Aircraft: Antonov - An-32 (all models) Airport: India - Yelahanka AFB (VOYK) Category: Main database Photo taken on 2015-2-21 by Foxbatone Camera setting: Canon EOS 600D, 1/400s, f/4.0 at 500mm ISO 10 The Antonov An-32 took off from Tambaram Air Force Station, Chennai at 08:30 local time on 22 July 2016. It was expected to land in Port Blair around 11:45 local time. The Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard launched a large search and rescue operation, using a submarine, 12 surface vessels and five aircraft.. On the third day after the disappearance, 16 ships, a submarine and six aircraft.

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