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  1. Also, the realism of the characters, the accuracy to the time period and the consistent poor decisions of the main character support the general opinion that the story is probably more real than you might imagine. The author continually echoed the sentiment that enough of it was true to matter, and the rest was simply artistic license to make it flow
  2. Top 10 Worst Things about 4chan 4chan's a decent website that provides a few lulz, but it still can be pretty annoying. The Top Ten. I like 4chan, because its like the wild west, an untamed landscape of what ever people want to say, I also hate 4chan because of child abuse. Its not something that should be accepted even on 4chan
  3. 4chan er et engelsksproget imageboard.Hjemmesiden blev lanceret den 1. oktober 2003. Oprindeligt var hjemmesidens formål at diskutere manga, anime og generelt japansk kultur. Det er kutyme at være anonym på diverse fora siden tilbyder, om end der er forskellige interne regler
  4. This poor person on Memebase asked in the comments what 4chan is. The response this person got was Oh, it's just a site for funny videos, it's sort of like Youtube! I find this to be solid proof that people on the internet are cruel beyond measure.
  5. 4chan greentext skin walkers. 137 notes. Reblog. THEY LEGIT JUST GOT FUCKING HIGH I'M DONE. thatonefangirlhere . Follow. Unfollow. ghost adventures these nibbas just got high wtf honestly this episode was just an excuse to get fucked up skin walker skin walkers navajo new episode ghost adventure new ep. 60 notes. Reblog.
  6. The greater-than sign is a mathematical symbol that denotes an inequality between two values. The widely adopted form of two equal-length strokes connecting in an acute angle at the right, >, has been found in documents dated as far back as the 1560s.In mathematical writing, the greater-than sign is typically placed between two values being compared and signifies that the first number is.

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  1. What on earth is 4chan greentext? That's like saying Steve Jobs invented the personal computer, or that the United States invented orbiting satellites. Beginning a quote with > has been a motif since the early days of Usenet, IRC and text bulletin boards. Even some email clients still do that automatically when replying an email
  2. Catherine Catie Wayne is an American Internet celebrity, vlogger and voice actress best known for her character Boxxy in her highly energetic vlogs. Her rise in popularity began in late 2008 and early 2009. She is also known for the voice of Marsha in the Disney XD animated series Billy Dilley's Super-Duper Subterranean Summer.. Her videos, under her YouTube account known as boxxybabee.
  3. I'm My Own Grandpa (sometimes rendered as I'm My Own Grandpaw) is a novelty song written by Dwight Latham and Moe Jaffe, performed by Lonzo and Oscar in 1947, about a man who, through an unlikely (but legal) combination of marriages, becomes stepfather to his own stepmother—that is, tacitly dropping the step- modifiers, he becomes his own.
  4. Murder suspect linked to 4Chan photos caught David Kalac, 33, is accused of killing his girlfriend after he allegedly posted photos of her dead body on the website 4Chan
  5. Balloonfest '86 was a 1986 event in which the United Way of Cleveland in Ohio set a world record by releasing almost one-and-a-half million balloons. The event was intended to be a harmless fundraising publicity stunt, but the balloons drifted back over the city, Lake Erie, and landed in the surrounding area, and caused problems for traffic and a nearby airport
  6. my voicework 4chan 4chan greentext greentext wholesome wholesome greentext wholesome 4chan. 57 notes. Reblog. Moonjumper Voice Test . Gianna Crow (Me!) I Decided To Try And Find A Voice I Liked For Moonjumper From A Hat In Time! Does It Fit? hunter-the-sad-skeleton . Follow.
  7. 91 Revenge Stories That Will Make You Think Twice Before Being An Asshole To Other People . Šarūnė Bar BoredPanda staff. Revenge, together with love and death, has probably amassed the biggest count of quotes and sayings. From Plutarch to Gandhi, everybody can find a relatable one

told in greentext 4chan format, bless you /drg/ This should clear things up. Ill edit it as we find out more. EDIT 1: Added probable theories, moved Monokuma files to their own post. >Amami cannot get into his room because Shirogane doesnt want him remembering his talent. Cosplayer is the mastermind Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people It comes back from time to time, usually as trolling like this, but sometimes also as a joke greentext on 4chan/reddit or at humor sites like funnyjunk. In fact, it is suspected to be originated from a 4chan greentext, and thos are known for oftentimes being fake through and through Our school has had the poop bandit (exactly what it sounds like) and also the rotisserie chicken boy over the past few years. Last year we had late starts every Wednesday, and is close to a Safeway. Every late start a kid would go to Safeway but a chicken, eat the entire thing in an hour, and leave. Grandpa's attic is rendered real-time in Unity 2017.3. Naughty dog games have always been a big inspiration for me since I started with environment art and this scene is inspired by the attic scene from Uncharted 4. Also a big inspiration for me was the attic scene by Igor Kulkov: https://www.

Coordinates Skinwalker Ranch, also known as Sherman Ranch, is a property located on approximately 512 acres (207 hectares) southeast of Ballard, Utah that is reputed to be the site of paranormal and UFO-related activities Its name is taken from the skin-walker of Navajo legend concerning vengeful Shama 4chan greentext video games crusader kings 2. 677 notes. Reblog. This is the single best comic that i have ever seen describing Crusader Kings 2. To be clear i found this and this isnt my work ck2 crusader kings 2 crusader kings ii paradox development studios. 290 notes. Reblog. What your favourite Paradox Grand Strategy says about you.

A/N: Similar to what I'm doing for Oh, Baby, I'll likely be writing a few bonus chapters here and there for Act On It. It's not necessarily a full-blown continuation to the story, but an episode following the ending point of the main plot. This is just a way for me to continue to build off the. people on 4chan use greentext, etc. it'd be even cooler if it was a comic and each character spoke in a different dialect and maybe their speech bubbles are like app windows..! atrnh-blo

Rocket Candy, or R-Candy, is a type of rocket propellant for model rockets made with sugar as a fuel, and containing an oxidizer.The propellant can be divided into three groups of components: the fuel, the oxidizer, and the additive(s). In the past, sucrose was most commonly used as fuel. Modern formulations most commonly use sorbitol for its ease of production So.. I've been feeling depressed a lot lately and your Eivor fics have really brought up my mood (even if temporary) so I was wondering if you could write something with home comforting reader when they are sad.. it doesn't have to be a full drabble or anything.. maybe just some headcannons if you. his eyes trace the witcher, drinking him in and cradling him in a gaze full of admiration, adoration. he doesn't wish to fall prey to sleep's clawing grasp, doesn't want to close his eyes, only to open them and find himself alone once more. he wants to stretch this moment out - wants to sink. Further mutations and successor memes, if any. Sasaki Kojiro, Savior of France Explanation The fact that Sasaki is one of the two best cards for the French part of the game (said map is infested with Rider-class dragons, which Assassin-class Servants do extra damage against) has led to its.

Place: The hall between the rooms of the Ultimate Calligrapher, Jennifer Rose, and the Ultimate Video Game Enthusiast, Diana Winther. Murder Weapon: Only part of the murder weapon was discovered before the trial. It was a bloody claw like scrap of metal, found right next to the body. The victim was. Don't tell me we can't afford tuition free college Don't tell me we can't afford Medicare for All Don't tell me we can't cancel all student debt Don't tell me we can't cancel all medical debt Don't tell me we can't afford a Green New Deal Don't tell me we can't afford. It was a string of greentext on /pol/, 4chan's politics discussion board; I have pasted it below, but at this point I might have typed the whole thing from memory. >be 14 and horny >be dating cute chick >she won't put out unless you accept the eschatological doctrine of Chhoteling >get down on your knees in from of her >swear on the name of. It's been exactly two years since this episode came out and Blake and Yang have had so many amazing moments together since, but I will never forget how this made me feel. Because my heart stopped when Blake walked into a room filled with chaos and people she had no reason to expect to see, and.

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  1. Miller Lite did a whole campaign of these weird commercials in 2008, combining Sumo wresting with high diving, ice hockey with a beauty pageant, a football game with an art gallery, a golf game with a full-contact football game, a cooking show with a wrestling match, a ski jump with a recliner advert, ten pin bowling with luge, a dog show with a drag race, baseball with bass fishing and a.
  2. tang army, and thus was persecuted during the Cultural Revolution
  3. Ork technology is sometimes referred to as junkyard tech. This is mainly due to orky armour/structures/vehicles having a thrown-together look to them. Ork body armor takes the form of bulky and ill-fitting metal plates being crudely strapped to its user, along with spikes or emblems to make the wearer appear more ferocious
  4. ary investigation by British Columbia Coroners Service showed that Todd's death was a suicide. The cause of death was reported in some media as hanging, but the exact cause of death had not been released. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and British Columbia Coroners Service put 20 full-time investigators on the case
  5. AfD. 14 Dec 2011 - Little White Lie (web series) AfDed by Duffbeerforme was closed as redirect by Whenaxis on 02 Jan 2012; discussion 30 Dec 2011 - Ben Breedlove AfDed by Tingrin87 was closed by LFaraone on 07 Jan 2012; discussion 26 Mar 2012 - Polandball AfDed by Harizotoh9 was deleted; discussion 26 Mar 2012 - Vexnews AfDed by Senor Freebie was closed as redirect by Scottywong on 17.
  6. This is a list of Presidents of Peru. Republic of Peru (1839-present) The Republic of Peru was reestablished on August 25, 1839. No. President (Birth-Death) Term of office Political Party Form of entry Title 5 Agustín Gamarra Messia (1785-1841) August 25, 1838 - August 15, 1839.

What's up, gentlemen? We are back again for another roundup of the best memes on the Internet. Now that we're into 2020 I'll be pulling the best new memes aka 2020's best memes each day. This marks the umpteenth year in a row that I've been publishing a roundup of the Best Damn Photos on the Internet each and every day and I'm glad you guys are still along for the ride This was the longest greentext that I had read ever. flag 14 likes · Like · see review. Sep 25, 2015 Marc rated it it was ok · review of another edition. Shelves: french-literature. This was my first Houellebecq, and also one of his first works (1994). From what I had read about him already, I think the chance is not big that he is ever. Abandoned Area: Some servers have derelict stations or ships out in space, in various states of decay.; A.I. Is a Crapshoot: One of the available jobs is as the AI of the station, which becomes this in a gamemode, whether an entire gamemode is dedicated to or just the designation for a traitor AI.. Perfectly functional and good AIs can be subverted into this on purpose by players with less. In the United States, Smarties are a type of tablet candy produced by Smarties Candy Company, formerly known as Ce De Candy Inc., since 1949. Smarties are produced in factories in both Union Township, New Jersey, and Newmarket, Ontario. The candies distributed in Canada are marketed as Rockets, to avoid confusion with Nestlé's Smarties. The New Jersey factory produces approximately 1 billion.

Pages in category Redirect-Class Internet culture articles The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 229 total. This list may not reflect recent changes ( learn more ) The German Revolution or November Revolution (German: Novemberrevolution) was a civil conflict in the German Empire at the end of the First World War that resulted in the replacement of the German federal constitutional monarchy with a democratic parliamentary republic that later became known as the Weimar Republic.The revolutionary period lasted from November 1918 until the adoption in August. Birth places. Twenty-one states have the distinction of being the birthplace of a president. One president's birth state is in dispute; North and South Carolina (British colonies at the time) both lay claim to Andrew Jackson, who was born in 1767, in the Waxhaw region along their common border. Jackson himself considered South Carolina as his birth state The Loud House was a mistake note Crossdresser Lincoln note During A Novel Idea, Lincoln tries to crossdress as a girl to go on his father's office for Bring Your Daughter to Work Day. Naturally, fans ran with the idea and have constantly depicted Lincoln in his crossdresser form

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I'm a totally normal girl. Until I'm drunk and alone, when I become sexually into peeing. Which at the time really turns me on, watching women pee in strange places makes me wanna pee as well. Sometimes men peeing into women while fucking them. Which ends up turning me on and I masturbate, sometimes. James Potter is the guy who was kind of a dick when he got to high school but cleaned up his act by junior year and went on to become a human rights lawyer with the ACLU because he knew he could make more of a difference fighting for what's right instead of getting into schoolyard brawls Severus. Pridefall: I really don't think anything is going to happen. But all the 4chan users are going to go after people! Right. Like how millions of people stormed Area 51. People like to get riled up and angry about things, but you'll find that most people are actually cowards or too lazy to go through with it top 10 tumblr happenings of the decade: 10. the bone stealing witch. 9. cole sprouse joining tumblr then leaving, claiming it was a social experiment or something and everyone got mad 8. that time the website broke in 2015 and it was really funny 7. piss jello 6. tumblr being bought for 1 billion in 2013 only to be worth 3 million in 201 Earlier, I took a small trip to /his/, the historical board on 4chan, and found this absolute masterpiece of a thread. You can tell from the start that it's not going anywhere good. I understand his confusion tbh. Me after reading Radu Tepes and during the whole thread. I don't get why you're.

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  1. This concept art from Otto Schmidt of Earth 11 Justice Guild is amazing on so many levels. Black Canary's booty shorts, Wonderous Man's moustache and gauntlets, Superwoman still having the cowlick - the lil fins on Aquawoman's boots - Flash checking out regular Canary MAN I wish this was a.
  2. g that I'm some sort of crypto-fascist and insisting that those anecdotes must be made up because no real person could possibly have their head that far up.
  3. Stealth checks are one of the worst checks to fail honestly. Fail a history check you just don't have the info you need. Fail a stealth check you are almost always immediately put into a dangerous situation I say we make all checks life or death. Fail a nature check? You are pinned underneath a.
  4. g desktop. Then found out the because I have a Nivida video card with windows 10 the sims 2 would not run on it with out alot of trial.
  5. Hey, so I sent out this toot on mastadon today and got this response almost immediately. Given what I know about Mastadon, their policies, and the fact that their code is open source, this seems like a really good place to switch over to from tumblr. There's a lot of good resources to help you get.
  6. e 4chan grim adventures of billy and mandy death note light yagameme light yagami デスノート meme memes shinigami 死神 almond milk >greentext greentext green text anon robe. 734 note
  7. Yeah boi so this is the result of the stream! Been wanting to draw this for quite some time and since it would be pretty easy to draw which it was so did I decide to draw it today for the stream <: also been wanting to try out making one of these pics with hidden text etc in the background which fit.
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I find this to be a very off-putting thing to say, and feels racist written by a non-Black person who isn't going to bring the much needed nuance to such a phrase. The way this statement is worded implies there's few good things about being Black. It's one thing for a Black person to vent or. Concept: You're just a small fluffy cat. You have no troubles. No responsibilities.. You can see the morning sun shining through the blinds.Your hooman is just starting to wake up.time to screm for food.

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Look at the house of your Sun; it may say a lot about the people you relate with. If you have: Sun in the 1st : You may relate with and have a lot of Aries sun, Aries rising or friends with heavy chart signatures containing Aries. You both have a strong sense of identity and aspire to make your. Here's my only slightly edited face. Skin smoothed and 2 inches of roots cropped. This is my dog who doesn't know how to take selfies and always tries to slip me the tongue. I'm a chef but I say cook because women aren't encouraged to think of themselves as such in this industry. I have my. Please reblog to show @staff we do not appreciate the best of Tumblr feature. Activity on all my blogs are down, and I can't imagine what OC/art blogs who use this media platform to help support themselves are dealing with. Activity for many blogs is near stagnant whereas before this update.

4chan greentext happy birthday anon. 112 notes. Reblog. 4. Lenalee Lee ↪ requested by. dunno if anyone here got the memo but tf2 and csgo's source codes have been leaked, which can be dangerous for your pc. dont play them until the issue has resolved Bad news about TF2, boss. The entire source code got leaked, and now people can perform Remote Code Execution just by being in the. I made myself a pieced and quilted plague doctor mask! Not for any real reason, I just realised I could so I did. It took about 5 hours of pattern drafting last night, and maybe 10 hours of actual sewing today. I couldn't find any fusible interfacing so instead it has two layers of cotton quilt. The holidays, and thanksgiving in particular, are hard for me because I come in contact with my abuser. The holidays can be really hard for all of us, whether it's direct contact with abusers or struggling worse to cope around uncompassionate family. Some have to go back to hiding their real.

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badda bing badda boom ylyl 4chan wtf funny greentext. 2,687 notes Badda bing, badda boom, they saved the day again and flew off into the sunset together. Yay. At least Ladynoir was trending. Where is that girl?! Alya growled, checking the time. If she waited any longer, she was gonna be late! Marinette better not be expecting her. After watching FMA: Brotherhood with @mouiface, we decided to rewatch FMA 03 as well. I haven't seen this show since way back in 2005-ish. It was an interesting watching experience. I never found myself emotionally invested into the characters or intrigued by the story. The revisit revealed 03 to. Whatever. I declare this movie night officially started! I wish I had a gong to ring or something. Richie said as he threw himself onto the couch next to Eddie. The two of them had the house to themselves, all the other losers were out and Richie didn't mind that at all. He had snacks, scary.

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It really warms my heart when i see people appreciate artists and writers alike, it really does! they deserve all the recognition they get, everyone is so skilled in their own way. but you know who dont get much appreciation? voice actors! yeah, who bring characters to life and much more by giving. what about beel ? my dear, sweet, beel. people think his personality is only about eating when he's just the sweetest, purest and most innocent of his brothers. can you blame him ? he wasn't destined to be a demon, none of them were. (except satan, which is exactly why he's the perfect example. I mean, look at that. He made the bat signal, he was outright asking for help as publicly as he ever could. and in Fallen hero when he thought Green Lantern really had become evil Just look at his face. He is shocked. He can't believe one of his heroes would do this, he tried to figure.

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  1. e 4chan grim adventures of billy and mandy death note light yagameme light yagami デスノート meme memes shinigami 死神 almond milk >greentext greentext green text anon robe. 728 notes the deadly truth behind your almond-milk obsession
  2. I am going to tell everyone a secret, especially people in rural areas. Youcan do a slow social progressive takeover of your local Democratic party, probably. You just need to carve out some time for it. Renay, you say, exasperated, that sounds fake, but okay. But I'm here to tell.
  3. Returning From the Plot, 1896, by Joan Llimona (1860-1926). artfoli . Follo

Like every month, people submit book reviews of the worst stories they've ever read that drove them to drink, and the moderators will analyze each review to determine which book gets the Crucifix Nail Nipples Award for the month. There could be different categories like: Most Ditzy Female, Captain.

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The Tale Of The Pooping Bandit - 4Chan Greentext byWant to make anime real? Be careful what you wish forThe 46 Best Of 4chan Threads You Never Knew You Needed To See
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